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In addition to authoring novels, Jerry writes on technology, serves as an expert witness in digital forensics, and consults on technology segments for major TV shows, including The Blacklist, Blind Spot, and more.


  • Electronic Discovery: Beneath the Surface - An exploration of the accuracy and completeness of evidence in today's e-discovery environment. - Tennessee Bar Journal (Complete article available upon request.)

  • Cover series on the use of biometric technologies in crime fighting and security: This series of three articles explored a variety of biometric identification and authentication technologies, including fingerprint recognition, hand geometry scanning, facial and voice recognition, as well as iris and retina scanners; the exploration moved deeper, examining the ways in which these emerging and/or rapidly developing technologies are being put to use in today's society. (Complete article available by clicking thumbnail above.)

  • Understanding Drive Compression - Overview of using drive compression to conserve hard-drive space. - Smart Computing Digital or Film - An explanation of digital vs. film photography, cameras, and related issues. - Smart Computing

  • Tales of Transferring - Overview of moving digital imagery from camera to computer. - Smart Computing Reference Series

  • Review - ZoneAlarm Pro firewall software - Computer Power User

  • Review - BlackICE Defender - Internet security software - Computer Power User

  • Webcams - Feature on Internet-enabled cameras, hosting, Internet video, and related software. - Smart Computing

  • Setting Up a Message Board - Overview on setting up Internet message boards. -Smart Computing

  • As Data Storage Evolves - Overview of data storage technologies, from floppy diskettes to DVDs and beyond - CE Tips

  • How To Install Microsoft Office - PC Today

  • Choosing a Business Projector - An overview and tutorial roundup of video projectors used in business roles today. - Smart Computing Reference Series

  • Set Up A Small Wired Network - Smart Computing

  • Cable TV: A Journey - A history of cable television and examination of current cable technology. - CE Tips

  • Windows XP Network and Online Error Messages - Smart Computing Reference Series

  • Windows 98 Installation Error Messages - Smart Computing Reference Series


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