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What if your biggest dream turned into your worst nightmare?

Matt Decker has stepped away from the day-to-day of his company Decker Digital and left it in the capable hands of his righthand man Abdul Abidi. For five years, Matt has worked to create the world's most advanced AI, one he will enter into a global competition that will award a billion-dollar prize and an unparalleled opportunity to help shape the future of technology.

With the entry deadline just seven days away, Matt is working like a madman to complete the project. Then things start going very wrong. The nation has recently split into two nations, the United States of America and the Progressive States of America, and the two sides are at each other's throats with Matt caught in the crossfire.

Even worse, bizarre rumblings are coming from the Middle East at the worst possible moment for all involved. A charismatic stranger has arrived on the scene, promising to finally end the bloodshed that has drenched the region for thousands of years. But he may not be what he seems. Not at all.

When the president of the USA calls on Matt to help, Matt is torn between pursuing his dream or pursuing a much larger truth and solution. Can he pull off both, or will both end in disaster and destroy him?

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