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SPACE. It's the glitziest casino ever built and the largest man-made structure in history. The scale and technology of this futuristic wonderland have captivated Las Vegas and the world, but beneath the shiny surface, something very old lurks and festers.


The casino's state-of-the-art gaming machines have been hacked; it's costing the company millions, and eccentric digital forensics expert Sam Flatt is brought in to find and fix the problem. But when Flatt stumbles onto the source of the technical trouble, he unearths massive financial fraud--and something far darker. Suddenly his own client wants to shut down the investigation, but Flatt is not the type to fade away with the job unfinished. No matter how deadly the outcome.


Unallocated Space is a thriller that delves beneath the surface and into the darkest recesses of humanity's capability for cruelty. It's a place where wealth and power can buy anything, and where those hold it can gamble for any stakes imaginable. And unimaginable.

Unallocated Space is Book 1 in the Sam Flatt series. 

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