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A tech genius. A computerized power grid. A psychotic billionaire. What could go wrong?


A LOT. And that's just Day One. Of Seven.


Do you like the rapid-fire pace of James Patterson? The ancient clues of Dan Brown? The big adventure of James Rollins? A book you just can't put down? Join breakout author Jerry Hatchett for a terrifying week of Seven Unholy Days.


Matt Decker is a self-made example of modern success. As the designer of the nation's new high-tech power grid, he is an entrepreneurial celebrity, rich and living the good life. The grid is state-of-the-art, believed impenetrable. Then, on a mundane visit to a control center in Mississippi, Decker's professional life starts falling apart when he watches entire states lose power for no reason. As society slips into chaos, the impossible happens: Things get worse.


Someone is attacking the United States. It's not a military power that can be confronted. It's not another country that's holding the world's only superpower hostage. Who is it? Why are they doing it? And why does it seem to be personally centered on Decker? To answer these questions, Decker and crew must interpret bizarre messages and decipher a series of ancient clues, all while corrupt politicians at the top are more concerned about protecting themselves. The good guys are outmanned and literally in the dark. But the clock is ticking and a frightened nation is wondering what the next day will bring. What will the final day bring, and can they survive it? Can anyone?


Don't wait. Join the tens of thousands who already got this pulse-pounding thrill ride. You won't be sorry. Do it right now.

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