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A small-town pawnbroker has pawned something mysterious.
People are killing for it. People are dying for it.
He has no idea what it is.


"If you like the driving story of early Grisham and the relentless pace of Patterson, you're gonna love Jerry Hatchett!"


Far from the glitz and show of Pawn Stars, Gray Bolton runs a real pawn shop in a small Mississippi town. It's a quiet life, a good life, but when Bolton kills an armed robber, what follows is a harrowing fight for survival that dwarfs any reality TV.


Despite the fact that the shooting was self-defense, trouble slams Bolton from every direction. He scrambles to recover, but his enemies are desperate and relentless. They also appear to be growing in number. He doesn't know who he can trust but he must have help, so he teams up with Penny Lane, a beautiful investigator who adds yet another complexity into his life, especially his marriage.


When he thinks it can't get worse, it gets much worse, as a lethal mix of betrayal, deceit, and violence roils around him. The web reaches beyond the known criminal element and into the local power structure. His world crumbles. His family is threatened. Even though Bolton doesn't know what they're after, he is utterly certain of one thing: He's going to make them pay dearly for it.


Pawnbroker is an adrenalized tale that pulls you in and doesn't let go. Join the tens of thousands who have already taken the ride. Scroll up and get your copy right now. You won't be sorry.

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